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Welcome to the site of Philip L Moore, Actor, Director, Producer, Script writer and Published Author.

My latest book is now out and don’t forget if you would like a signed copy please contact me.

UPDATE: https://www.facebook.com/Malcolmandthemagpies/

Here’s the clip I just filmed folks


27th May Malcolm & The Magpies pilot is near finished editing, did some ADR work this week, hopefully the clip should be out in around four weeks time.

March 2017

So been down in Dunsford Devon filming a pilot for “Malcolm and the Magpies” a new comedy script I have written. Working with some great actors Jez Jerry Anderson – Keith How – Hannah Atwood – Karn Moore. Also met a lovely couple Andrew and Kay Morris and their MK2 Jag 12 AYF  spent three days on location film was great fun. Clip should be done in a month or so.


Well 2017 has kicked off to a great start, decided the end of last year to stop working and concentrate on my book and scripts, this has led to me planning my first bit of filming. In March I plan to produce and direct a ten to twelve minute promo clip I have written for Gold Bars & Jaguars. The Gold Bars & Jaguars FB page which is https://www.facebook.com/bullionheist/  will also be raising funds for Cancer Research and I will keep you all posted on any updates as and when they happen. I am hoping this will lead to more filming , and put some funds in Cancer Research’s pocket.




Philip L Moore is just a persona that Philip Deighton Maw uses for his writing career.

In 2011 Philip started to convert all his written books to script format. This meant stepping back on writing any more books, and having three manuscripts still sat on his PC waiting to be published, this was not a decision taken lightly.

Philip explains his love of movies and the need to write one:

“I have always been a day dreamer, thinking of things that seem well out of reach. But life has taught me if you have a dream fight for it as anything is possible! It wasn’t until the 80’s that I really started to think about it again and started writing in secret.

I found myself running my own business in the 80’s and it was this business that started to introduce me to the world of entertainment. I first met Arthur White (Elder brother of Only Fools and Horses star David Jason.) Who at that time lived in Worthing in West Sussex. I then met the late Richard Todd and I must say both men I found to be real gentlemen. Richard was fascinating to talk to and being into aviation we had a nice long chat one day about the Dam Busters Movie which he played the lead role of Guy Gibson.

I was itching inside to write something but didn’t have the confidence needed to try, then one day I got a phone call from Warner Brothers. They were making a film called (The Power Of One) at Christ’s hospital near Horsham in West Sussex. Now don’t go getting too excited I had a cleaning business, I still hadn’t plucked up the courage to write. My cleaning business had a very good reputation and it seemed I could fit in around the schedule they were asking for which was 18:00 to 22:00 every evening for two weeks! For the first time I got close to filming, it was my first time “On Location!” I loved it, talking to the actors and producers, watching the filming it just blew my mind. I fell in love that day when I met (Very briefly) Fay Masterson who played Maria, god she was stunning and elegant.

Things soon started to progress and I soon found myself working for some of the members of Pink Floyd (Dave Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason) which in turn led to meeting many other people. It was around 1994 I met Derek Bell at John Coopers garage, I ended up treating a Porche for him at the Porche garage which I think was Brighton way somewhere. A few months past and our paths crossed again when I started doing work for Guy Holmes at EMKA EMI world endurance GT’s racing the Porche EMI race car.  In 1996 I found myself down at Le Mans working the EMI Racing (Pink Floyd/Steve O’rourke/EMI team.) I was on the hospitality suite and was cheif polisher of the cars and trucks. I also found myself cooking dinner for the Pink Floyd guys and their guests, even sat chatting to Nick Mason. we had an old friend in common which broke the ice, one of my customers was one of his ex-girlfriends Caroline King.  I also met up with Derek Bell once more, I believe his sone was driving for the EMI guys at Le Mans. Then you would never guess who drops in for lunch, but only Rowan Atkinson! I tell you I had to pinch myself in order to make sure I was awake!

At this time I was also doing air shows all over the UK with Brendan Walsh’s Red Star’s the first Yak formation flying display. This again was linked to Dave Gilmour through (Intrepid Aviation) a business Gilmour had set up to make his collection of classic aircraft pay for them self. Brendan organised the first ever Shoreham air show in Sussex. Once again I found myself mixing with famous people and this time being Garry Newman who back in those days  was flying his Harvard which was in the livery of a Mitsubishi Zero (White with red circles).

Life was exciting, and as one thing leads to another I started to do some work for Mike Woodley who ran a business called Aces High TV and film studios. It was at this time I met Richard O’Brien  famed for (Rocky Horror Show.) He was doing the Crystal Maze which at that time was in a hanger at North Weald close to where I now live at Harlow. Richard would sit outside with cast and crew strumming on his guitar during the breaks.

I then went on to do work for The Old Flying Machine Company, operated by the late Ray and Mark Hanna. This entailed me cleaning aircraft for several films and photo shoots. There was a lot going on in aviation back then, the Memphis Belle remake, Piece Of Cake, Goodnight Mr Tom, TV adverts, it was crazy but fun times.

But the day came when I realised I really wanted to write, so I took the drastic set to give up work and live off my savings whilst I built up a new career. The last Job I ever did was the so called haunted 747 at Dunsfold. This was being used for the filming of the James Bond film Casino Royale and once again I found myself on location watching all the filming and stunts being done. But this was a double whammy as it is also the same place where Top Gear is filmed, so we were also watching Clarkson and his crew testing cars out around the track.

If you watch some of the old clips of Top Gear from the 2006 period you will see me and my bright yellow trucks in the back ground working on the 747! This is the time we spent the night in the haunted plane !!

It was 2006 I started working on my first book, to which many more soon followed.

Hopefully, I will soon have a script sold and I can start to enjoy this new career which  has just about bankrupted me !

I was also very lucky in 2011 to have made contact with Marsha Posner Williams the producer of Soap and The Golden Girls in the USA. She is a very, very experience producer, so I was bowled over when she offered to edit and help me with my first film script. To be Skyping with talent like hers and have her go through my work line by line, page by page was amazing. So in my first year of being a script writer I have received a huge step up the ladder.

I am also currently working on Utterly Ridiculous (Kindle ) which will be launched soon. I am so looking forward to what 2014 will bring, I have a real buzz for writing again, and I am hoping the new material you will all love. I must say I am in fits writing it. If the script writing career fails then I will have lots of notes for some new books, so its all good stuff!”

Well reached 2016 now and still busy with writing, been focusing on doing a lot of script writing , but I have published Gold Bars & Jaguars and I do have movement on it as a film script.

Thanks for all your support

Philip L Moore