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Cast sorted

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Pleased to say I have may cast together now for my short promo sketch I want to film next year. Got Jez Anderson playing the role of OX. Then Haydn Kidd playing SPUD, Hannah Wood is going to be “HOCKEY GIRL”. Keith How is going to be SYDNEY. My son Karn Moore is playing MALCOLM,and finally I am playing the part of BERT. If all goes well this ten minute sketch to promote Gold Bars & Jaguars should finished for viewing around April May time

Filming in 2017

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Just letting you know I am filming a small promo clip down in Exeter in the New Year, got a bunch of actors together and film crew organised, so fingers crossed all will go well.  It will be called Cricket or Hockey, lets see if you work out why !


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

It seems Gold Bars & Jaguars book is more popular with the guys than the girls, please ladies give it a try, despite this being a gangster story, there is another story going on between Squid and Jenny, a romance story. Jenny is a very strong independent woman, she’s driven, and she sure gets what she wants in life, and will do anything to protect her daughter. Family is everything to Jenny and Squid, and we see Jenny go from a slightly naughty private schoolgirl to a sexy single mum. Because the story is based over a twenty year period both characters go through massive changes. Squid goes from a skinny virgin to a muscle bound killing machine. Whilst the story covers the Brinks Mat Bullion Robbery and Asil Nadir fleeing the UK, the real story is a couple of childhood sweethearts fighting to find one another again, and get a semi normal life together, a life without the Brinks Mat curse.

City Of London

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


Yes off promoting Gold Bars & Jaguars in London today, if you see me wave me down and get a free copy!

Lyrics to the song Gold Bars and Jaguars

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Stolen Jags and scrapyard cranes,
Gold rings, Diamonds, and chains,
Balaclavas as woolly hats,
Crowbars in jackets with baseball bats,
V6 Transits and sacks of used notes,
Knuckle dusters in our gangster coats,
Trucks and trains are often our haul,
But Post Office, Banks, we do them all,
“It’s just Gold Bars & Jaguars”
Sawn off shotguns in a series three boot,
Hidden below the bags of loot,
Doing time at her majesties pleasure,
Whilst different gangs fight for our treasure,
Dodgy geezers con’s and hustle,
Getaway cars, power, and muscle.
The puppeteer pulls on his strings,
Restricting flight by clipping their wings,
“just Gold bars and Jaguars!”
Another friend rides in a hearse,
Heads come together to battle the curse,
The Gold is still hidden where can it be?
It’s sat there waiting for you and me,
“It’s just Gold Bar’s and Jaguars”
“It’s just Gold Bars and Jaguars”
Dodging bullets and concrete boots,
Avoid the uniform and men in suits,
A body buried in some isolated quagmire,
All for Gold Bars and Jaguars,
A businessman accumulates his mass,
Pays a visit to Compton Abbas,
Flee the country like Asil Nadir,
Or stay and hide and live in fear,
There’s a mastermind behind the crime,
Whilst the monkey takes the wrap and does the time,
A good idea to hide your trail,
As if you get caught you won’t get bail,
“just Gold bars and Jaguars!”
Another friend rides in a hearse,
Heads come together to battle the curse,
The Gold is still hidden where can it be?
It’s sat there waiting for you and me,
“It’s just Gold Bar’s and Jaguars”
“It’s Just Gold Bars and Jaguars.”

Gold bars & Jaguars advertising

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016



Well busy promoting Gold Bars & Jaguars sales have been doing really well, had a large banner on the orange pete 379 and also bought a hearse which I use as my daily driver , this is also covered in advertising as you can see in the picture which was taken at Compton Abbas Airfield.

Mark Benton

Friday, April 4th, 2014

I met the actor Mark Benton, what a lovely gentleman, Although not the best thing to say “You’re that actor arn’t you!” SORRY Mark, but he still took the time to have a chat with me and we discussed Gold Bars and Jaguars.  I always think of him as a comedy actor as I remember him in things like “Gimme gimme gimme” Comedy lab, but I am guessing most of you will know him from Waterloo road. I then took a look at what he’s been in and and suddenly you remember him in so much other stuff. Thanks for giving me your time Mark.