2017 best moment

Well the end of the year is in sight, so time to reflect!

One of the best moments of my life, this may seem silly, but as a writer/film maker, to receive your first recognition from a film festival is just a heart warming moment which made me cry. Days after someone said “It’s just some festival mate, it’s not like it is Cannes!” to which I replied “No it’s not Cannes, it’s better than Cannes, it’s my first win at a film festival, nothing can ever change or be more overwhelming!”


From Andy Turner:09-27-2017

This is an email to notify you that UK Monthly Film Festival has updated the judging status of your submission.

Congratulations your film has been officially selected. Winners will be announced within the next few days on our website and social media pages. www.ukmonthlyfilmfest.co.uk

So a big thank you to Andy and Ryan at the UK Monthly Film Fest for a moment which will stay with me the rest of my life. Hearsula wears her Laurel with pride.


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