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This book is a comedy based around real events at Compton Abbas Airfield, here’s what people have had to say :

“Re-Utterly Ridiculous:
I read your book with great excitement recognising the day to day occurrences at the airport where I did most of my instructing, although written with a tongue in cheek embellishment of the truth, it gives a great amusing slant behind the scenes at a general aviation airfield.”

Warwick Bayman

“This book made me laugh from the beginning to the last page. The first chapter had me in fits of laughter with the man/woman pilot. Couldn’t put it down, read it in two days, I had to know what happened next to Dave and Biggles. This book would be great as a film. Please do follow it up.”

Review by S Balloo

“Thanks for a great read, it’s almost Tom Sharp. I can see so much that happens at our own Airfield, Netherthorpe. A cracking good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me know when you finish the next…”

John Kelsall

“Hi Phil, or should I say Dave! The Book! Wicked, I can’t believe you have been busy writing a book….am half way through it already and it’s really funny, and of course I was there to witness a lot of it first hand, so know exactly what you are talking about.”

Bekah Symonds (ex Compton Abbas)

“This book is so funny I needed oxygen at sea level.”

Michael Whitley

“I love this book it was so funny, i could not put it down. This book will be loved by all who read it. I highly recommend a great, funny read.

Phil can’t wait to read more of your books.”

Julie (Portslade, Brighton)

“Picture our hero Dave and his trusty dog Biggles moving into their new home – a dilapidated caravan on the airfield at Spread Eagles. A self-employed cleaner of aircraft, Dave travels around the local airfields plying his trade, with the next outrageous incident only just around the corner. On the people front, there’s his ex-wife Suzy, as well as the aptly named ‘Wheels-up Willy’ and Megan, a former Concorde-flying transvestite – Dave meets them all.

On the flying display side there is the Magnificent Four display team consisting of three Yak-50s and a Yak-52, along with their arch-rivals, the Russian Stars and the fourteen-ship Red Aeros team – all trying to cut each other’s throats.

While the people, locations and incidents may be fictional; many of the airfields are not. Much of the book appears to be based on real events – especially the two brothers flying a jet when the ejector seat falls out – this time with hilarious consequences.

See how many people, places and incidents you recognise when you read this self published, completely over-the-top humorous tale.”

Pilot Magazine