I must say I am quite gutted today, when a charity like #DementiaUK, refuses my donations offer of help! It now looks like it will be #AlzheimersSociety only who are prepared to work with us.

here is the letter I received today via e – mail

Dear Philip,

I hope you’re well?

Thank you for contacting Dementia UK about your film T I M = This Is Me.


I have spoken to my colleagues and unfortunately making a donation as a percentage of profits from ticket sales is not straightforward. As the donation would be tied in to sales it is what is called ‘commercial participation’. This means that legally there a number of things which would have to be in place, including having a contract.


After a recent assessment we have decided not to pursue such commercial participation agreements due to the time and resource (on both sides) in setting up and managing the relationship – including the time spent on the contract itself. You can find more information on commercial participation by following this link.


I’m afraid then that this means that we won’t be able to work with you in this way. We would be happy to receive a donation from you to the charity’s work. It’s just anything that links sales to donations would be an issue.


I’m sorry if this is disappointing news, but we do really appreciate you thinking of us.

Best wishes,


Holly Draper

Community Fundraising Executive

t: 020 7697 4320

Holly.Draper@dementiauk.org | www.dementiauk.org

Dementia UK, Second Floor Resource for London

356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

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