Philip L Moore was born in 1961, the youngest son of four children, to Stanley Maw and Mavis Deighton. Philip was only 7 years old when his mother died at Littlehampton West Sussex, so Philip grew up close to his next sister, Sharon, coping with whatever life threw at them. Philip’s father was a chain-smoking alcoholic, unable to hold down any job and often in and out of prison. As a result Philip ended up changing schools about 25 times resulting in a poor education. Philip clearly remembers two sides of one certain road, Ford airfield one side, Ford prison the other, both of which Philip visited reguarly as a child.

Often in and out of trouble as a teenager, Philip learnt how to survive as he was growing up. He finally left school in 1977 (finishing at Bampton Secondary School in Devon) with very few qualifications. His reading and writing skills suffered greatly as a result of his speckled education, however despite this, it never hampered his outlook on life, he remained and remains very positive, always believing his glass is half full.

At the age of 18, Philip decided to change the spelling of his surname from DeightonMaw to MOORE, which he has kept ever since. He soon headed back towards the West Sussex area, settling once again in Littlehampton. This was a new beginning for him.

After taking a few jobs in agriculture, milking cows and farming the land, he knew he could do better and was looking for a more demanding role. In the meantime, he met up with Lynette Marshall at the age of 22, started to settle down. They had two sons, Lee and Karn.

He started off running a mobile car cleaning business in Littlehampton called Mobile Car Wash Company, and it was not long after this that Philip went on to set up one of the UK’s leading aircraft cleaning companies, AirDefence Aviation, gaining a huge amount of material for his first book.

Phil and MiloPhilip likes to write about the places he knows and loves, Taunton/Wellington in Somerset are often mentioned as are Shaftesbury in Dorset, and Littlehampton in West Sussex. Being in aviation for many years means Places like Dunkeswell, Shoreham, Goodwood, Northweald, Compton Abbas, and Hestridge often creep into his story lines.

Throughout his life Philip was always writing, making notes and writing poetry and small stories with his wicked humour. As time went on, and with the help of technology in the form of “spell check” on his computer, he was able to start writing more seriously. Writing then became his favourite hobby, and it was only towards the end of 2005 when Philip met up with a friend and she encouraged him to approach a publishing group to get his first book published!

Currently Phil’s books available are “Gold Bar’s & Jaguars”  “Utterly Ridiculous”, Therapy, Eternal Wish, KEZ, and Amelia’s Daughter.

Philip now lives in West Sussex, and is currently working on three more books as well as a few scripts, but mainly working on scripts, with producers showing interest in Gold Bars & Jaguars Philip is keeping posative thoughts as to where this may lead.

All books will be available for sale direct from the author at philipleedeightonmaw@gmail.com as well as Amazon and Kindle download.


Now Philip is breaking into the film industry he has started to use his birth name DaightonMaw again as he feels he can bring back respect to the name which his father shamed.  Slowly things are getting better, Philip still writes, Produces and Directs under Philip L Moore.