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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

It seems Gold Bars & Jaguars book is more popular with the guys than the girls, please ladies give it a try, despite this being a gangster story, there is another story going on between Squid and Jenny, a romance story. Jenny is a very strong independent woman, she’s driven, and she sure gets what she wants in life, and will do anything to protect her daughter. Family is everything to Jenny and Squid, and we see Jenny go from a slightly naughty private schoolgirl to a sexy single mum. Because the story is based over a twenty year period both characters go through massive changes. Squid goes from a skinny virgin to a muscle bound killing machine. Whilst the story covers the Brinks Mat Bullion Robbery and Asil Nadir fleeing the UK, the real story is a couple of childhood sweethearts fighting to find one another again, and get a semi normal life together, a life without the Brinks Mat curse.