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Good Morning Britain

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

I totally got Nicola McLean argument for Emily Ratajkowski on Good Morning Britain, When I filmed the Malcolm & the Magpies clip this year I wanted the female role of “Sweetheart” played by Hannah Wood to be a strong female character. As it happens I wish I could have a pound for every time I have been told I am a male chauvinistic pig,  “your portrayal of the female character guarantees that your project will not get any form of distribution” and I am misogynistic!

I would like to think people could be a little more open minded and see past “Sweetheart” bent over and see how she shows she is stronger than the men, and in fact chases off the men and shows them whose boss!

Charles Kay & £1 million for film makers

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Some of you have been asking about my rant on FB :-

Done myself no favours today! Guess I am not going to be winning any more festivals in a hurry! I am sorry Film Industry but when when those higher up knock my writing and my Malcolm & The Magpies clip and the acting in it , you are going to do one thing and one thing only GET MY FUCKING BACK UP ! GGGRRRRRR We did it on a fucking shoestring budget, I’ve seen far worse with thousands if not millions spent on them. GET OFF YOUR HIGH FUCKING HORSES AND GIVE THE SMALL INDEPENDENT FILM MAKER A CHANCE!

Well it was all to do with a Bigot called Charles Kay and him being allowed to decide who is worthy of getting a grant from Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor £1 million he has put up to help up and coming film makers.

Now you would think this would be down to some sort of committee, but no, it seems they have left it all to Charles Kay to establish whether or not something is his cup of tea.

In order to apply for this funding one is simply asked to make contact by e-mail to Charles Kay and simply put “Short Films Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE” in the correspondence, which is what I did. Now let me be clear here there was no mention of attaching your script or budget, or production, this was simply first contact. So I sent this :-

“Short Films Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE”

Dear Sir/ madam,
I would like to apply for the short film funding.
This is my pilot clip I made earlier this year
Kind regards
Philip L Moore
I kept it simple, I thought in my stupidity that Charles would ask for further info or ask to read the script. but no, some time later this is the reply I received from Charles Kay :-
Dear Philip,
Forgive me if there’s been a short delay in responding – but as you can imagine we are inundated with enquiries.
Thank you for your interest in the Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE Short Film Fund. I think it’s important to underline that we don’t produce the films we fund. Nor do we tend to make grants on scripts alone. This means, for instance, that we don’t tend to support script development and other early stage activity. I suggest when you have a project that is scripted, costed and has a producer in place, that you get in touch so that we can have a look and see what we can do to help.
We have a particular interest in encouraging entrepreneurialism within production teams and many of the grants will be awarded to complete budgets on projects that have already demonstrated the ability to raise finance.
Many applicants have found their way to us from the recent flurry of news reports about the fund. It is important that they understand the key driver in our activity is to promote diversity in the both the make-up of the industry – and it’s output. To that end Professor Allesch-Taylor has been quoted as saying:
‘It’s about promoting diversity and inclusion in the UK film industry at this critical time. It’s about producing short films which showcase best in class talent. The U.K. is proudly multi-cultural and if there’s any doubt about that remember there are over 300 languages spoken in this country. I don’t think the news cycle has ever been more daunting than it is now – much of which is being driven by what divides us. Supporting diversity and inclusion in all walks of British life has never been more important. The film industry has been in the spotlight recently and frankly it’s clear to everyone it needs a serious and meaningful shake up. Promoting diversity and inclusion has to be a key part of that.’ 
The best way to grab our attention is to put together a pack with the script, a pitch deck and your financials.
Charles Kay
So I am a bit miffed by this because Charles is saying things like “we don’t produce the films we fund. Nor do we tend to make grants on scripts alone. This means, for instance, that we don’t tend to support script development and other early stage activity. I suggest when you have a project that is scripted, costed and has a producer in place, that you get in touch so that we can have a look and see what we can do to help.”
Remember they are offering funding for new comers! So I replied with :-

Hi Charles,

Sorry I don’t quite understand, we have a script, we have a producer, and we have a director, and production company, and we have already produced the demo clip?
Kind regards
Philip L Moore
My reply from Charles Kay was simple, it read :-
I’ve watched your Promo – it’s not for us.
Thank you.
It is at this point that Charles Kay has got my back up, firstly Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE has allegedly stumped up £1 Million for “short films with the aim of supporting diversity and inclusion in the UK film industry, and promoting upcoming talent from across the U.K.”  and ‘Helping filmmakers get their first break, or to be able to take the next step in their careers!”
Now here’s my problem, I may be right, I may be wrong, but I am pissed off!  As I went on to explain to Charles my on going script, has different languages, different colours, transsexual’s, gays, and a strong female lead the deals with self harming and over coming abandonment. But Charles Kay wouldn’t know any of this, as he hasn’t bothered to ask to see the script! Why hasn’t he? Because it seems Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE has left all the decisions not to a committee, but to Charles Kay, who didn’t like my clip! Nor my writing, nor my production in fact he slated the whole thing.
Now I totally except Malcolm & the Magpies is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it is very hard to put where a story line is going in just over 12 minutes! But I would have expected where funding is concerned to have at least been asked to supply a script or give an explanation as to where it is going.
I am sad to say from here on in, it went into a battle of insults, ending in me wanting to meet up and pound his face in with my base ball bat called Mary, “Bloody Mary!”
My conclusion to all this is as much as Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE says he wants to allocate his £1 Million to help up and coming writers and Film makers, it won’t happen while ever he has a bigot like Charles Kay brushing new comers into the gutter.
End of Rant!

City Of London

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


Yes off promoting Gold Bars & Jaguars in London today, if you see me wave me down and get a free copy!

Gold bars & Jaguars advertising

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016



Well busy promoting Gold Bars & Jaguars sales have been doing really well, had a large banner on the orange pete 379 and also bought a hearse which I use as my daily driver , this is also covered in advertising as you can see in the picture which was taken at Compton Abbas Airfield.