This Is Me (T I M)

Things are coming together well for the filming of THIS IS ME,

we have booked a villa on the isle of wight in May and we are filming a clip from the script and a few other bit to form a promo video of the film. have a great team together  Nathan Hoyle Greenwood is our camera man, Peter Heppelthwaite  is Directing, along with myself. We have Alan Cross on drone camera,  we then have Jez Anderson playing TIM, Simone Svanera playing PANSY, Steven O Rourke playing TOBY ARMOUR, Jude Forsey playing YOUNG TIM, Angel Webb playing DEBBIE,  Amir Boussobeine playing BRIAN, Danny Balloo playing the DOCTOR, Karn Moore playing STEVE, Lana Pillay playing SUMMER, Johnny Robinson playing PAIGE, and hopefully Chris Wilson playing the COPPER. We will have a few others joining the cast as Peter Heppelthwaite fills a few of the other parts from his Limitless Academy.

Getting props together organising film equipment, lighting, sound, ferries, etc.For this first bit of filming we are just using Melvyn Hayes, Jerry Anderson, and Simone Svanera. But exciting times seeing another project come together.




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